The bio-function of cationic antimicrobial peptides produced by animal intestinal commensal bacteria
    During the long-term natural co-evolution, the commensal bacteria achieved their persistence in the gastrointestinal tract (Braat et al., 2006). Through secretion of antimicrobial substances the commensal bacteria shaped host defence by preventing colonization of potential pathogens and disruption of barrier integrity, and by actively inducing the development of tolerogenic immunity (Braat et al., 2006; Brandtzaeg, 2010), thus made animals grow healthy. But in the modern intensive rearing conditions, the mutualism was disrupted by heavy environmental load (especially from pathogens). If the antimicrobial substances were produced ex vivo on a large scale and fed back to the animals, the animals would re-adapt to the new rearing conditions and grow healthy with immune homeostasisWen, 2008.


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