Guangzhou Bestide Bio-Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

With the presence of antibiotic residues in animal products and emergence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics widely used in clinic and animal agriculture, and the antibiotics being less and less effective, to commercially produce novel alternatives to antibiotics, Guangzhou Bestide Bio-Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 by several ambitious youngsters sharing the same green dream.

Through co-researching with several research institutions and universities, NATUCIN containing cationic antimicrobial peptides (CAMP), alternatives to antibiotics, were developed, with features of powerfully eliminating enterotoxins and recovering intestinal barrier function. The bio-functional components, CAMP, of NATUCIN were tolerant to high temperature treatments (121℃ for 20 min or 95℃ for 6 h), and therefore better candidates as alternatives to antibiotics in commercial applications.

Our ultimate aim is to continuously create core technology and help the animal agriculture achieve the green dream.

Strictly abiding by contracts, establishing a safe and efficient production system, and supplying products with excellent quality stability is our eternal pursuit.

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